Whiskey & Fox is a journal of poetry, theory, and queer-heterotopoi.  We are not interested in work in facile relation to the conditions of its production or its political function, but in work that attempts to oppose authoritarian or arrogant thought & poetics in order to provoke configurations of secular human community as alternatives to those of Capital and its States. To this end, we are not interested in writing that pretends to operate within a single repeatable mode, restricting possible imaginings of future humanisms and post-humanisms and the possibility for producing queer-heterotopoi. As such, we are interested in poetry and poetics committed to theory and historiography, and theory and historiography committed to poetry and poetics.

Whiskey & Fox is eager to accept books for review (see below) if they appeal to the above program.  

Whiskey & Fox rarely accepts unsolicited submissions.  Check the submissions page for our current status.  


Daniel C. Remein

advisory/consulting editors:

Sten Carlson

Michael Edward Moore

Sarah Bagley

Blaire Zeiders

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Whiskey & Fox or any of its Editorial kin about anything other than submissions, including queries about where to send books for review or to request copies/reprints of the print-only back-issues, please email us at editors [at] whiskeyandfox [dot] org.