Fashion Available, new archive

That's right. Fashion, dear readers, is now available for you. Fashion is just one click to download away now that Whiskey & Fox announces its issue archive as part of the journal's new program for distribution. Over to the bottom right of your screen you will find files of new and old issues along with printing and assembly instructions.

As a start and as promised, the most recent issue is being made electronically available: Vol. 2 No. 2, May 2008 | Fashion, featuring work from Tomaž Šalamun, Thomas Kane, Sten Carlson, Emily Gropp, Robin Clarke, Daniel C. Remein, Julie Granum, Kelly Ramsey, Joshua Zelesnick and Sarah Bagley; cover by Greta Hambke and Matt Lee.


announcement re: submissions

Submissions will remain open for what will be Vol. 3 No. 1:"Doing Politics with Animals."

We are pleased to announce that the issue will include a response to all of the work collected within the same volume by Karl Steel (Asst. Professor CUNY Brooklyn), historian and theorist of the human/animal boundary between the medieval and the contemporary.