Parks & Occupation No. 2

Zuccotti Park, No Zines Allowed.
The second issue of the Parks & Occupation special series is out, and can be downloaded below or in our Issue Archive; and at least one more Parks & Occ. is on the way.  

No. 2 features work by Joshua Zelesnick, Rebecca Mertz, Gloria Frym, Michael Farrell, Andy Spragg, Gracie Leavitt & RJ Maitland, Robin Clarke, Jeff T. Johnson, David Hadbawnik, and Jon D. Witmer [whose web comic at the Danger Digest we briefly reviewed back in February]. Again, another set of fantastic work. As (this time) Duncan writes, "No crow flies. It is not America./ From what we call Poetry/ a bird I cannot name crows."

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Unlike Parks and Occ. No. 1, print copies of No. 2 cannot be obtained for free at Zuccotti Park. 

This is the first time that Whiskey & Fox has appeared electronically before appearing in some physical place, no matter how small the locale, in print. Parks & Occupation No. 2 was going to be more or less ready to go out for Wednesday, 18 Nov. 2011: to be delivered first in print form to Zuccotti Park in lower Manhattan and only then made available for free download. However, in the wake of the (military-ish) Police raid and eviction of the Zuccotti Park Occupation very early in the Tuesday am, a visit to Zuccotti Park no longer turns up a space into which books, periodicals, or other printed matter can be deposited for public use. Police would not even allow admission to the park with thick stack of printed matter in hand. While, certainly, the journal could place printed copies any number of places in NYC and elsewhere other than Zuccotti Park, in order to mark--even in some small way--this current seizure/attempt to destroy the people's library and the free-zine distribution center [which also offered a number of excellent anarchist primers on peaceful resistance, the currently-legal rights of demonstrators, and Modified-Consensus Democratic procedures], as well as the Occupation itself, Whiskey & Fox is putting this issue online before producing any print copies. 

Parks & Occupation No. 3 is currently in production, and will be out soon.

Foley Square, 18 Nov. 2011