MAY DAY! Parks & Occupation No. 3

1. After a long winter the Fox is rustling the leaves. Just in time for MAY DAY afternoon, Whiskey & Fox Parks and Occupation No. 3 it out, being distributed by hand amongst May Day actions in NYC, and available for download below or from our Issue Archive. 

No. 3 features work from Robin Clarke, Chris Miller, Christine Remein, Gracie Leavitt and RJ Maitland, Jeff T. Johnson, Joshua Zelesnick, Daniel C. Remein, and Gerry Loose.   To return again to Jack Spicer: "The music/ Is right though. The lemon tree/ Could branch off into real magic. Each flower in place. We/ Were sickened by the old lemon."  

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2. Whiskey & Fox still has some more work we are hoping to publish in yet another Parks and Occ. issue. Just because the insurgency of democracy and anarcho-pacifism and public assembly and occupation has hibernated and may or may not proceed with the inertia we would want does not mean that we should not continue to faithfully decorate the parks of the new democracy to come, or, alternately, by contiguously affixing poesis to spaces and places, making/occupying more and more space as parkspace. More issues will be contingent on enough work (read, MORE work) coming our way of sufficient intensity and commitment; work that can invent a new sincerity and sustain a new endurance in order that we can continue this work beyond the initial burst of last autumn.