friends of the fox: Punctum Books!

Friends of the fox the BABEL Working group has announced the full unveiling within the next few weeks of a new books series to be called "Punctum Books" So far, their blog announces what promises to be an exciting press, in tune with the devices both of the Whiskey and of the Fox:
The BABEL Working Group is excited to announce the launching of Punctum Books, a new open-access and print-on-demand book series, directed by Eileen Joy (Southern Illinois University Edwardsville) and Nicola Masciandaro (Brooklyn College, CUNY), that aims to promote radically creative modes of writing and inquiry across a whimsical para-humanities-assemblage. Spontaneous acts of scholarly combustion are encouraged. Vision statement, editorial board, forthcoming titles, and website currently under construction. Stay tuned.
On the In The Middle medieval studies group blog, Eileen Joy announces that a full vision statement, editorial board, and first forthcoming titles will be announced in the next 2-3 weeks. Keep watch for PUNCTUM.