2 Announcements!

Whiskey & Fox announces two major changes. No longer will Whiskey & Fox only be available by coming upon it at those sites where it is distributed by the journal's co-conspirators. Starting with Vol. 2 Issue #3, each issue of the journal will be made available for home-printing, free of charge, to all readers. A PDF file-edition of each issue will be made available for download through this website, along with printing and assembly instructions [basically, this will mean printing the file, double-sided, and arranging the signatures in order, then folding and perhaps even stapling the book together].

The editors have been considering a manner by which the journal could move to increased distribution, longer issues, and thus easier rhizome-growth of the literary/political hopes we aim to provoke in texts of Whiskey & Fox. Also under consideration were the possibilities of seeking funding for a nicer and more widely distributable printed format, using Open Access journal tools, or switching to an entirely electronic format by means of our own web-design and hosting. While we understand fully that being hosted by Blogspot participates fully in the material forms produced and maintained by market forces and Google [think, dear reader, how the choices of blog tools offered to Blogspot (et. al.) users, largely for market reasons by Google itself (et. al.). determine and limit the forms of human consciousness, imagination, and its products], we believe that the form of the weblog, while not entirely democratic [access to this internet is by no means level or evenly distributed], does not require the participation in Capital to the extent of paying for a domain and web-hosting, or, variously, participating in book-production and manufacturing markets. As a journal interested in what the material aspects of print-formats can offer uniquely, as they are altered in the context of [read, their interconnection with, sometimes to the point of dependancy on] electronic media, and with reference to the political struggle against totalitarian regimes of thought that so restrict human imagination, we believe that this new combined production/distribution format allows us to exploit the cracks in workings of Capital and grow much more virally, and effectively, from where we now stand in this labor.

Additionally, Whiskey & Fox announces a felicitous change in the Editorial Staff. The Editorial Staff is now as follows:

Daniel C. Remein, Editor, New York University

Sarah Bagley, 'theory' Editor, University of Pittsburgh

Sten Carlson, 'poetry' Editor, University of Pittsburgh

Blaire Zeiders, historiographical Editor, University of Wisconsin, Madison

edit: please note that vol. 2 #2, Fashion, with thanks to graphic designer Matt Lee and fashion designer/illustrator Greta Hambke, was released this summer, and will eventually also be released by the new method.